Gum Turpentine

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The Gum Turpentine is the volatile fraction of the pine resin, a colourless liquid with a slight pine scent. 
It consists mainly of terpene hydrocarbons, with numerous applications.

We perform several tests in the lab that allow the characterization of our product: relative density; optical rotation; acid number; peroxide value; gas chromatography.

Product Specifications

Packages of 180 kg:
Homologated metal drums with lacquered coating

Packages of 860 kg:
Homologated Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s)

Tank Truck

Items Specifications
Appearance Clean, transparent
Colour Colourless or yellowish
Optical Rotation (º) [-36,4 – -33,0]
Relative density (20ºC) [0,862 – 0,867]
Acidity level (mg KOH . g-1) [0,5 – 1]
α-pinene (%) [70 – 82]
β-pinene (%) [12 – 19]
Limonene (%) [0,5 – 7]
Pharmaceutical industry; excipients
Fragrances and aromas
Cleaning products
Essential oils