The Company

Besides producing and commercializing Colophony and Essence of Turpentine, the company is also dedicated to the extraction of pine resin (Pinus Pinaster).

This activity is complemented by the manufacture of metal drums made of galvanized sheet for the packaging of colophony and its derivatives.


Our aim is to make our products reach all parts of the world where the characteristics of the Portuguese resin are recognised, thus giving our customers an increased confidence and satisfaction regarding our products. 


Offer our customers the best Colophony and Essence of Portuguese Turpentine in the market;

Provide customers with products that always meet all their requirements;

Promote the expansion of the Portuguese pine forest in a sustainable way based on good economic, social and environmental practices;

Remain in the market in a sustainable way, concerning economic and environmental issues.
Since 1945
Costa & Irmãos, Lda, founded in 1945, has an extensive experience in the natural resin market.
Foundation of the company Costa & Irmãos by brothers Hilário, Diamantino and Manuel Costa.
1980 - 2000
Founder and major partner of the first factory of colophony derivatives in Portugal, for printing inks,
NARES - Resinas Naturais, Lda.
Production contract with Vieirifabril.
SME Leader.
Registration of colophony in REACH.
2011 - 2012
SME Excellence.
SME Leader.
Registration of Turpentine Essence in REACH.

Expansion of production infrastructures:
- Installation of a new flocculation line
with automatic bagging;
- Photovoltaic production installation;
- Rainwater use.
Kosher certification.
Installation of a high efficiency heat generator with low emission of pollutants.
Installation of new storage tanks for Turpentine.
Increase of capacity with the installation of a new distillation line.
Automatização da linha de enchimento de Aguarrás.
Instalação de novos painéis fotovoltaicos.